Australian Society For Fish Biology

Victorian Marine Science Consortium Award

Inaugural award offered by the VMSC Management Committee at the 2010 ASFB Annual Conference for one (1) poster or oral presentation in temperate marine fish biology. 


  • Conditions similar (as appropriate) to the Gilbert Whitley Memorial and John Lake Poster awards.
  • Work presented must deal with temperate marine fish or fisheries, not necessarily exclusively in Australia.
  • Projects should be at least half completed.


  • Via Conference Student Liaison Officer
  • Automatically considered if registered for the Whitley/Lake awards
  • Poster and Presentations will be judged on the originality and quality of both the research and the presentation.
  • The judges may take into consideration whether the student is currently completing the degree or presenting the work after the degree is completed.

Closing date for applications

  • The deadline for applications is at the deadline for abstract submission for the annual conference.


  • VMSC award consist of a certificate and monetary prize, currently valued at $600.

Past Award Recipients

  • 2017: Mark Chambers (University of New South Wales). Albany a turning point for juvenile southern bluefin tuna?
  • 2015: Anne-Marie Hegarty (UTS) Reproductive characteristics of Teraglin, Atractoscion aequidens, off the coast of NSW.
  • 2014: Stephanie Brodie (UNSW) The oceanographic habitats of two migratory pelagic fish: dolphinfish (mahi mahi) and yellowtail kingfish.
  • 2013: Sarah Catalano ( University of Adelaide). Oral presentation on 'Dicyemid parasites as biological tags: examining the population structure of the giant Australian cuttlefish (Sepia apama) in southern Australian waters.
  • 2012: Elena Sulin (Murdoch University)
  • 2011: Athol Whitten. Accounting for variable growth in fisheries stock assessments: A case study from south-eastern Australia (University of Melbourne).
  • 2010: John Ford (co-author Stephen Swearer). Manipulative fish experiments on artificial reefs: a lesson learned about acclimatisation (University of Melbourne).